swim like an Olympian

MySwimEdge is a personal swimming coach with a lot of human and artificial intelligence built into it. MySwimEdge is a small sensor placed on the back of the swimmer. MySwimEdge communicates through an Application.

Add sensors to your senses

We measure and analyze a lot of information:

  • Min, max and average velocity of EVERY stroke
  • Acceleration and deceleration patterns during EVERY stroke
  • Actual (not average) stroke rates and their changes over a lap
  • Symmetry of your arm during the swim
  • Timing and length of each stroke

The sales of MySwimEdge

will start later this year
Developed by a team of scientists, engineers, Olympians and coaches from different countries, MySwimEdge will be on the market later this year, BUT in some countries and cities you can test your technique even now. Please leave your contacts to hear more about exciting offers. We are going to have a lot of exciting news and offers for you, so please leave your contact details.

Analyze your technique

& get tailored training programs and exercises
Do you know that you can cut seconds from your 100 m swim just by making all your strokes like your best ones?

Breakthrough technology for swimmers

Can you measure every stroke?
More importantly, can you measure every mistake?
Sensor MySwimEdge can!
Swim with the best. Faster.



Measures details of every stroke of your freestyle swimming


Analyzes your technique


Suggests key improvement areas for your technique


Gives you access of digitized techniques of some of the best world swimmers


Offers you both special exercises and training programs


Simply in Your device

Leave your contacts to hear more about exciting offers