Rear side of the device for swimming
Front side of the device for swimming
  • ‣‣‣ Highly relevant for all swimmers
  • ‣‣‣ Were available to some pros only
  • ‣‣‣ Easy to use for a broader swimming community
  • ‣‣‣ Very innovative approach
  • ‣‣‣ Measure unique metrics of freestyle
Men swimming in the pool

To quickly improve your swimming technique

MySwimEdge focuses on the freestyle analysis. The efficiency of your strokes is the efficiency of you swimming.

9 unique metrics + 2 unique graphs for every lap

There is no ideal swimming technique

But you can develop your ideal swimming technique based on the data and human intelligence

Bring relevant data to your swimming

  • ‣‣‣ Analysis of speed changes during the stroke

  • ‣‣‣ Analysis of speed consistency

  • ‣‣‣ Comparison of all the strokes by each hand

  • ‣‣‣ Actual stroke rate

  • ‣‣‣ Min-max-average speed of every stroke

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Any change in your technique changes the effectiveness of your strokes

  • Analyze each change in your swimming technique
  • Every hypothesis can be tested
  • Every change in technique can be measured
  • This is «fact based improvement»

How sensor and app works

  • Put On The Sensor

    The sensor is placed on the waist using a special belt, then you need to turn it on

  • Start Your Workout

    The swimmer swims 1 lap, while the sensor collects data about each stroke of the athlete

  • Press The Button

    After 1 lap you press a button on the sensor and it starts to analyze the data

  • Track Your Swims

    After a few minutes the MySwimEdge app will show you a detailed analysis of literally every stroke, the unique metrics and graphs

  • Improve Your Technique

    Based on the data you can identify areas of improvement and change your technique already during the current training

Rear side of the device for swimming
Front side of the device for swimming

Triathletes and their coaches have already tried our sensor

  • National team coach from Germany

    The words «distance symmetry» sounds theoretical until you see the data for left vs right arm strokes. If you now consider a 400m race this will lead to imbalance of around 30-40 meters which leads to faster fatigue of that swimmer

  • Head coach of the National triathlon teams from Scandinavia

    We have tried many sensors, and only your sensor gives exactly the information we need. After seeing the details MySwimEdge provides we will be using it at least 2-4 times a month for each each swimmer on our team

  • Chloe NCAA University swimmer

    After learning that I need more power in my pull, I’ve been adding more weight in the gym and incorporating faster reps in my workout! Thank you again for letting me test out your device!

  • Head coach, Swim Club from Israel

    After I explained my 16-year old swimmer what part of the stroke is less efficient and why, she was able to drop 4 seconds off her 200 meter time. And she was not progressing that much for a couple of years

Girl putting on goggles for swimming

Improve your swimming technique

  • ‣‣‣ Highly relevant for all swimmers

  • ‣‣‣ Were available to some pros only

  • ‣‣‣ Easy to use for a broader swimming community

  • ‣‣‣ All data is sent by the sensor to the unique app

Designed and made in Italy

The founders of MySwimEdge are from Germany, Italy and Israel. We have been working on MySwimEdge for 3 years

  • Prof. Dr. Andy Stamm

    Prof. Dr. Andy Stamm

    PhD from Griffith University (Australia) on Swimming Biomechanics. Professor of Electronics and Embedded Systems, Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences (Germany)

  • Igor Shlyonsky

    Igor Shlyonsky

    M.Sc, (Computer science, Moscow, Russia), MBA (Cornell University, USA). Banker, management consultant, CEO. Worked in Russia, USA, Ukraine, Israel, UK.

  • Riccardo Barbieri and Massimo Guarino

    Riccardo Barbieri and Massimo Guarino

    Logital Srl. Engineers from Bologna University. Industrial, transportation sensors, IoT. Logital was created in 1989.

Our offers

  • 1 sensor and 1 belt included
  • up to 2 accounts in MySwimEdge App for you and friends
  • Unlimited tests

    $ 990
  • Package 100 tests

    $ 790
  • Package 50 tests

    $ 590

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